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Howdy all –

I’d like to enlist your help.  We’re converting a workshop we have into a small apartment for guests or a rental.  I have a general idea of what I think I’d like, and I’ve put together one sample floor plan, but I’d like to get more ideas before we start construction.  If you have any suggestions, big or small (examples might include types of recessed lighting, all-in-one-laundry-units, surround sound speaker wiring), please provide.

First, here’s the space we’re starting with:

01 bare-walls

It’s a 24×24 area with two doors, and two windows.  The door at the top opens up into a 2-car garage.  The structure has metal R-panels with a concrete floor.  We already figured drywall / sheet rock with a 6″ or so area since the metal girders give us that much room.  We’ll probably get blown-in insulation for efficiency.  We have to add water, septic, HVAC and more electrical.

The graphic lists our main wants (click to open a larger version) – we want the primary use for 1-2 adults to be able to comfortably live there, with a secondary use of at least 12 people being hosted for movie night, gaming night, maybe a presentation or class or something.

The first draft I did identified areas that would work for us:

02 bare-walls-with-definition

Some of the reasons I did it this way –

  1. I probably would want all the water on just one side of the room since all plumbing would be new.
  2. I didn’t want an actual enclosed bedroom, as that would take away from the secondary use of a lot of people being able to see the TV.
  3. The kitchen sink should probably be centered in front of a window.

As we thought further, I went ahead and put together a draft of the floor plan that might work.  This shows the Murphy bed down, but most of the time, it would be packed up into the wall. (update: revised from original based on Ren’s comment about dining table)

03 normal-home-mode-bed-down rev 2

Here are our thoughts so far:

  1. When 1-2 people are living there, the bed can stay down all the time. If no-one is staying there, or we’re hosting a larger group, the bed can flip up into the wall.
  2. One option is when the bed flips up, there’s a seating section that is left over, like a couch or pair of seats.  It might be too expensive, but there are other options as well.
  3. We plan on the Murphy bed having storage and cabinets around it.  Take a look at valetcustom’s options, particularly this one.  Unfortunately that company only services one far away city so I’ll have to find other options.  But those pages show the idea.
  4. Plenty of room to entertain if needed with the chairs around the kitchen island in either case.  The kitchen island also serves as the main dining table.
  5. Someone (possibly me) can home office at the desk area.
  6. Closet has enough room for hanging things as well as shelving, cubbies or other storage space.  Closet also doubles as extra soundproofing for bathroom.  Might put in all-in-one washer-dryer unit in the closet.
  7. We plan on using tankless water heater since A) the place won’t be used much and B) seems a lot more efficient not only for electricity but also space.
  8. Kitchen has a fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal, pantry and also cabinets over the counters.
  9. Large open area makes it flexible for sleepovers, extra tables, and lots of other options.
  10. For HVAC, I’m considering the ductless kind but I’ve never used them.
  11. We’re thinking two ceiling fans – since the ceilings are 9″ high in the middle, but only 8’4″ at the sides, not sure if we have to put them in the middle.  Maybe ceiling fans with lights, and then extra light over the sink and the desk?
  12. Both the bathroom and the closet could grow a foot or two deeper if needed.  The bathroom as designed above is 5×8.  I had this type of bathroom in mind.

With a movable couch, we can bring in chairs as needed and pack in quite a number of people.  The configuration below could hold ~20 people: (update: revised from original based on Ren’s comment about dining table)

04 group-hosting-mode-20ppl rev 2

Now it’s your turn.  What would you suggest I consider for this guest space?  All suggestions or reminders are welcome.  If you’d like the source Visio file, you can get it here.



7:48 pm
Post Meta :

I realized recently that it’s been 2 years since I last blogged.  There is a distinct feeling of “lack” – I sorely miss the blogging atmosphere, the community and the closeness I experienced when I was active. Much of what I got out of blogging was replaced by Facebook due to how easy it was to use, along with the “quick post” option, linking to stories, and catching up with people who don’t regularly visit blog sites.

Facebook made connecting with others brain-dead easy.

But the more I use Facebook, the more I recognize some major downsides – the polarity of the “like” button, the mounting privacy concerns, the ineffectiveness of “text-only” arguments, the outright assumptions made by strangers, and more.  The persona that people put forth is but a mere facsimile of the real person underneath.  I believe peer pressure and the allure of attention influences way more than it should.

Facebook made being seen by others a priority over actually connecting.

I don’t think people can be “real” online and this relevation didn’t hit me very much until this last year (2014).  People will spit venom online that they wouldn’t dare utter (or even think) if they were talking to you in person.  There’s a false confidence and a bullying tendancy for some when they can hide behind a pseudo-rally on someone else’s post.  The name calling is intense.  The strawman arguments are pervasive. The cherry-picking of other’s words to formulate a battering ram of responses is amazing to watch.

Facebook made some people meaner.

In many ways, 2014 was a year of major division points in the nation.  Pick a topic, and there’s a bunch of people on one side of the fence eager to burn and rip to shreds anyone who dares to be on the other side of the fence.  It doesn’t really matter if there’s any fence at all, or if the fence was constructed piece by piece by conflict-peddlers who sell tickets to people to watch the fights at the fence.  The polarity is staggering – the enemies that people have crafted in their mind are diabolical, and the need to fit “the other side” into that idea of an enemy is equally diabolical.   Person #1 states something and unless Person #2 completely agrees, Person #1 has a handy list of boxes to put Person #2 in until they conform.

Facebook made people take sides.

As the arguments heated up, people upped their game. They had to not only cherry-pick something to fight with, but they also researched online any evidence whatsoever that supported their side.  It doesn’t matter that “researching online” can be an oxymoron.   Simply because they could sit and compose the perfect reply without interaction, feedback or fact-checking, they sat contentedly in their own juices, marinating in their hatred.   With people’s news feeds filled with only the things that confirm their own world view, their own self-confidence grows to enormous proportions.  The typical information diet is sorely lacking in some basic essentials.

Facebook made people instant experts in absolutely nothing but their own opinions.

I frequently found myself checking my phone here and there since the mobile app is so easy.  Status update notification!  Someone liked this post!  Here’s a video you gotta see!  17 Reasons To Write A Headline That Pops and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!  Everything is vying for your attention and competing for your clicks and likes.  When I wondered what my employer would think or would want to track regarding my social media use, I decided to severely limit any Facebook use during work hours.  But then when I’d check in while on the road, at the airport, or at night, I’d see a lot of people posting all day long.  I then wondered – do they work?  Are they getting paid to Facebook all day?  What if everyone’s Facebook profile showed a handy chart of “Time Spent Per Day” and their employer could see it?

Facebook made me wonder about my friends.

And that is not a good place to be.  Who am I to judge or understand what someone does with their time?  Maybe they’re in a waiting room at the doctors, or maybe it’s their day off.  Maybe they’re more efficient than me at working and can throw in a few updates here and there.  Maybe they ARE retired, unemployed, or otherwise not beholden to a supervisor to answer to. Either way, if I’m wondering at someone else’s usage of Facebook, what am I really concerned about?  What should I be reviewing about myself that I’m so concerned what other people do with their time?

Speaking of judging, I frequently lament the lack of filters on Facebook.  I am someone who highly prefers a lack of profanity in business, casual or public settings.  Although the age limit is 13 years old, that’s still a very young age.  Facebook doesn’t let me put a filter on that says “don’t show me posts with bad words”, at least not that I’ve found.  Then there’s the IFL science pictures and posts that make profanity a house-hold word for everyone.  It’s like over the last five years, the whole world got *real* comfortable with vulgarity.  I feel like I’m the only person left of my peers that doesn’t REGULARLY cuss as part of their postings.  Are they like that in person?  Do they talk like that with their kids or other people’s kids around?  Is this how they really are, or is this the persona they are pushing outward?

Facebook made people into potty-mouths and me into an apparent goody-two-shoes.

As these things weighed on me, I constantly was reminded of the “good old days” of blogging.  Am I mis-remembering blogging somehow, and forgetting the bad things?  Did I unfairly abandon blogging because it wasn’t doled out piecemeal like Facebook?  With blogging, I had to actually set aside some time to compose an entry, and then some other time to read other people’s compositions.  Compare that to Facebook where I can literally spend anywhere from 20 seconds with a quick check and a “Like” button to hours of scrolling, watching videos, researching and composing responses that get ignored… and it’s no wonder blogging took a back seat to the convenience that Facebook offered.

At the very least, Facebook made me write this blog entry.


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So I’ve had a project going on for a little bit now and I’m tracking my progress on a whiteboard in my home office.  It’s a fun, cool project (would I work on anything else??!?!?!) and not only does it occupy my mind and thoughts, it also occupies my first blog entry in, oh, about since the Mayans started telling time on tablets.

I was wondering if there’s ANYONE who actually reads my blog / twitter stream / facebook feed that could recognize what I put on said whiteboard about said project.

So, my challenge to you is two-fold:

  1. What is the project I’m working on?
    This first question is difficult enough on it’s own, but reachable for a decent amount of people.  I think I left enough hints in there so that people who at least knew how to use Google can figure it out.
  2. What is the next step in the project?
    Now THIS is the hard question. Only a few people out there I know of can examine this picture and tell me a recommendation for the “next step” of the project.  It is also potentially Google-able like question #1, so we’ll see who takes the challenge.

So, get your investigative hats on, pull out your microscopes and start arrogantly calling people Watson because you need to sleuth your way to the answer.

I may give a prize**.

Anyway, thanx for reading***!


* Some people said the end of the world might be when I blog again, so I didn’t want to fail to keep my end of the bargain.

** I’ve given prizes before, so it’s not as if this is outlandish or anything.

*** man I miss blogging and my blogging friends and the whole blogging community.


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  • I just can't stand the deterioration of our nation's ability to use grammar. *WERE* not *WAS*, people! http://t.co/BpX88jDm #
  • I'm sure Jim Lehrer is a great guy and all, but I still think I'd rather the debate be moderated by Tom Lehrer. #SilentE #
  • "If looks can kill, they probably will, in" _________ #
  • I'm going down, going down like a monkey… Ooh, but _______________ #
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  • What's the meaning of a police car with lights in swerving methodically across all four lanes of a highway back and forth? #SanDiego #
  • The only thing obvious about it is he doesn't want any of the lanes of traffic to go any faster than about 15mph #
  • My work day starts with a breakfast on the Del Mar beach. #
  • I love you, TripIt but I don't need an alert (sound and screen) that my flight is on-time. #
  • I want to use Siri but by typing instead of vocally. #
  • REN! FOX NEWS! Check this from @FOXNews. Apple's New Maps App Heads Down Wrong Road: http://t.co/l1xuSh2F (cc @Blogography) #
  • Hear, hear RT @renagerie @queenofpink Assuming it involves you coming into town, my schedule is likely the most flexible. Let me know. #
  • Me: so whatchya learn in school this week?
    Jaden: I learned algebra.
    Me: Really? What did you learn?
    Jaden: I learned X = 3. That's it. #
  • Me: the shuttle went from Houston to California
    Jaden: Which Houston?
    Me: There's only 1 Houston
    Jaden: Oops, I thought you said Boston. #
  • Shouldn't "Do Not Disturb" be "Do Not Be Disturbed"? Just because I enable it on my end doesn't mean I'm going to stop bothering other ppl #
  • Life can be unfair. I submit as Exhibit A the fact that @jonathancoulton plays in Austin same day #RUSH plays in San Antonio #
  • #IOS6 doesn't seem to have fixed the "juggling multiple calls on #Verizon quot; issue but I like it anyway. #
  • Mind. Blown. http://t.co/Baa0TSyP #
  • So here's my theory: the "seat belt movement" was architected to create subconscious acceptance to restraint over time. #
  • We're rooting for you, semi-beard! Succeed, mustache-plus! Go Tea! Go Tea! http://t.co/C9S1EjCJ #
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  • It was 47 miles from my hotel to Jiffy Lube live. But it's taking me longer to get to my seat since arriving. Traffic, parking whee! #
  • These seats ain't bad! http://t.co/qG1LmbDw I'd guess 40' from stage right #RUSH #
  • I'm pretty sure the collective IQ at a typical #RUSH concert approaches infinity. #
  • Spoiler alert! #RUSH Set list, first half, Bristow,VA show http://t.co/9C5KCN27 #whoa #
  • And now an orchestra is coming on stage! #RUSH #
  • Spoiler alert! #RUSH Set list, second half, Bristow,VA show #whoa http://t.co/jDKD2bbF #
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in the "Best Tattoo Art of Geddy Lee" contest! Very nice! http://t.co/53Ni44iY #RUSH #
  • I know "Cleveland Rocks" and all, but HELLLOOOOO? ROCKVILLE (@ Rockville, Maryland) http://t.co/B7HfNzJD #
  • I found a new favorite cuisine and alcoholic drink and they are Peruvian and Pisco Sour, respectively. #
  • *real* networking unix types are from SYN-SYN-at-tee. #
  • With how teenagers talk, I understand why Facebook was so interested in having a "Like" button #
  • "If" http://t.co/DGq6VmAQ #
  • There's gonna be a WHALLache tonight, a WHALLache tonight, I know. #Eagles #
  • Major *sigh*. iph0ne crashed on flight home. Last backup from May. Couldn't recover. So now, restore from May or just start anew? #
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  • Why, yes I did just break out my Moody Blues On The Threshhold Of A Dream on LP. Skips a little but oh, the SOUND http://t.co/lT35koUB #
  • PT you liked this RT @DemetriMartin PT this if you are a psychic. #
  • I got so hungry I finally gave up and went to the Concession Stand. #SpotThePun #
  • Eggs Plaka!!!!! Best meal in DC (@ Amphora's Diner Deluxe) http://t.co/dElrhBoY #
  • As good as the Sirius 80's channel is, I can't help think how much better it'd be with a side order of @queenofpink and @hellohahanarf #
  • So I was all settled in at the hotel looking forward to some uninterrupted time with #swtor Then I realized I forgot power adapter #fail #
  • Today in DC will be awesome. 1st, purchase dress shoes & laptop power that I forgot to pack and then I see Rush concert! #ClockworkAngels #
  • Q: How smart is this? A: Mind. Blown. (@ Best Buy) [pic]: http://t.co/5EIdJZxh #
  • In case any #1111 enthusiasts wanted to know how to rouse an old friend into your daily routine http://t.co/c8U5ik5C #
  • Prepping for tonight's #Rush concert in my slick Chrysler 300 rental http://t.co/DfQNL8mV #
  • Do I look ready to see #RUSH or what? http://t.co/oe8IM7q2 #ClockworkAngels #
  • I'd love to meet the members of #RUSH (I can't stop thinking big, I can't stop thinking big) #ClockworkAngels #
  • Clockwork Angels! (@ Jiffy Lube Live for Rush w/ 49 others) http://t.co/7039mdXq #
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11:00 pm
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  • Time to come on home… (@ Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) w/ 10 others) http://t.co/u5aRY86S #
  • Amazingly fresh breakfast (@ Viena Snacks) http://t.co/G8bfOChj #
  • "The breakfast is very good – however there's so sign indicating they even serve break…" @ Viena Snacks: http://t.co/RE5PjwoD #foursquare #
  • "There are eight (8) power outlets on a pole between gates 34 and 36, across from the bathr…" @ Gate 36: http://t.co/w359Jopx #foursquare #
  • Halfway home, legwise (@ Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) w/ 60 others) http://t.co/Qx3ZgtCt #
  • Sometimes I feel that Facebook stock will continue to go down until they announce the "Dislike" button. #
  • Identify the snake, anyone? http://t.co/2vRacdeK #notWhatYouWantInGarageUponReturnFromVacation #
  • Work-related: employer participated in a Google Hangouts-powered video podcast regarding network security. http://t.co/R3Zb4MnS Pretty neat #
  • It is only by the contrast of tragedy and suffering that we are able to experience ecstasy and joy. #
  • Don't hate me because I haven't seen Dark Knight yet.

    Love me because I'm about to make it all better. #

  • Don't hate because I shaved off the beard.

    Love me because I kept the goatee. http://t.co/zMBFiFQ8 #

  • I'm batman (@ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Lake Creek for The Dark Knight Rises w/ 2 others) http://t.co/06ysFIqe #
  • Wow I'm quite surprised that the theater is packed. Only a few open seats 30m before showtime. #
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